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Invoicing for small/medium companies – Simple Invoice

We have been using a small open source free software for invoicing called “Simple Invoice“. It’s in PHP and being myself a PHP programmer, I have special attraction for it.

I like QuickBooks and I use it also. But, the online version feels little expensive. So are other solutions likeĀ Although they are very beautiful and you can accept payment online, but I didn’t need those.

Simple invoice is free and if somebody has cpanel supported hosting, it’s easy to install it without any technical knowledge. So, I can see all my invoices easily, send any invoice to anybody instantly and my accountant also can review it.

The most important thing that I love about Simple Invoice is, I can modify it as I want, since it’s open source. I have total control over it. Though I’m not doing a lot of modifications, some small ones here and there, but I love the power that I can do it, I don’t need to wait for some other company. It’s just a programmers feeling may be.

I have been using it for one year now and I am pretty impressed with it. So, I thought I can share it with my SME entrepreneurs.

Disclaimer: I’m not anyway involved with Simple Invoice!