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My search for book reader ends now!

I have been using iPad for quite some time now … have been using iBooks but wasn’t quite satisfied. I mean, it’s user friendly and all, but, with physical books I can mark something, draw something, highlight, add stickies etc. There were some softwares but wasn’t quite happy.

Finally I found the best one and my search ends, I found¬†pdf-notes¬†… I got so excited once I explored all the possibilities, I was just amazed. All the features I thought and others which I didn’t think but would add a lot of value – all are there. This was too much!!! And it is free … I can’t ask for more!! Satisfied?? I’m over satisfied.

Alas, they don’t have a android version, I wish they had. There are other apps in android for the same but … not even near pdf-notes. Big kudos for the team of pdf-notes.