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Does Bill Gates get too much credit for his donation to charity?

Answer by Jonathan Brill:

You have understated (severely) what Bill Gates is doing. It would be one thing if he was sitting in his ubermansion outside of Seattle and just writing checks for every attractive greenpeace undergrad that smiled at him. Bill Gates is flying to countries on the do not fly to list and meeting with dictators that are on the shoot on sight list and using his fat ass bank account as leverage to get their cooperation in distributing food and medicine to their people.

Bill Gates probably sat down with his wife at the beginning of it all and she was like, "Hey Bill, we should like, save all these people." And he was like, "Cool, write a check." And she was like, "Yeah so its not that simple." And then he was like, "You want me to do what? You do know I'm the richest dude within missile range, right? We could just waste away in pampered luxury wherever we want?" And she was like, "Pleeeeeeeeeease." And he was like, "Shit, alright, it can't be harder than killing all those tech companies in the nineties." And then all he did was start a worldwide consortium to strong arm billionaires into donating half their money to a fund, and then use that fund as leverage to strong arm the shitty politicians of the world not into helping him, but into at least letting him help their people. Even when it's not in their best interests.

He gave an interview recently where someone asked him, why are you able to do all these things ambassadors and activists and Bono and other people weren't able to do. And he looked at the guy and was like, "I've got billions of #$%&*# dollars and I'm making people do shit," or something to that effect. Imagine evil Bill Gates of the RealPlayer/Netscape assassination era but focused on doing good. He's like Batman right now. I'm not even sure everything he's doing is legal. But sometimes you need someone who can walk into the Congo with a jacked up haircut and enough money and gumption to threaten a coup to make a change in the world.

Bill Gates should be everybody's hero.

Does Bill Gates get too much credit for his donation to charity?