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Sharing a blog post on loosing weight

I was so overwhelmed seeing this that I thought I would share in my blog and save for myself for eternity

This guy is really cool. His writing style is awesome and worth following. And the idea he shared about his food habit is, frankly speaking, seems pretty simple to follow. And all these for free!! I wonder what’s going to happen those “Loose fat” sites if they see this!!


SharePoint cost calculator

So far we have been working on SharePoint customization for clients in abroad only. So, we never faced the question of SharePoint price, since clients bought it for us. As we have started SharePoint customization in our company for local market, we needed to know the price and the exact price calculation is little complicated. I found a helpful link here which I wanted to share with others (and as always, store for me in a convenient location which I can find anytime – here)

Thanks to Bamboosolutions for creating the easy calculator.

My search for book reader ends now!

I have been using iPad for quite some time now … have been using iBooks but wasn’t quite satisfied. I mean, it’s user friendly and all, but, with physical books I can mark something, draw something, highlight, add stickies etc. There were some softwares but wasn’t quite happy.

Finally I found the best one and my search ends, I found pdf-notes … I got so excited once I explored all the possibilities, I was just amazed. All the features I thought and others which I didn’t think but would add a lot of value – all are there. This was too much!!! And it is free … I can’t ask for more!! Satisfied?? I’m over satisfied.

Alas, they don’t have a android version, I wish they had. There are other apps in android for the same but … not even near pdf-notes. Big kudos for the team of pdf-notes.