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Recently I was deploying an application in server and faced some problems. Everytime I go to do that, I face some problems and google around. I thought it would be nice to keep them handy here as a checklist format so I don’t waste time. Might help some of you as well.

1. Enable Web Service extension
Normally in own pc, you don’t need to enable anything like this but in server this is a requirement. Generally ASP is enabled, once you have installed .net, you will have to enable Web Service Extension of This is right under website of IIS Manager.

2. Folder permission
Remember to give appropriate permission to your folder. IIS_WPG, IWAM etc.

3. Checking error log
If any problem, please check here for error log
All programs>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer
I often forget it 😛

4. Adding wildcard mapping or similar things
You already know what that is since you are using MVC.

5. Most important – Search google
Copy the error log, search google with the copied text 😛

This process is also applicable to non-MVC application. And, it’s not for advanced people, for only beginner to medium. It doesn’t provide all the details either, just guideline.


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