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At BrainStation-23, we were making an animation which will be auto generated by XML provided images and texts. There we needed a beautiful black background white text with reflection on the floor, from white to transparent. I was watching Iffat dewelling with it and Hasib was helping. I was in the mood and jumped in. It has been a long time since I last coded in Flash. After doing some tricks it was working and I found – though things came back, it was a tricky thing to do and I have almost forgot it. So, I thought I should write it down.

Step 1: Make a dynamic text layer. It will be the mask. Make it a movie clip. Remember to embed font in the dynamic text, otherwise it won’t work.

Step 2: Make a transparent blending layer, whatever sort you want. Make it another movie clip.

Step 3: In the action, write, blendingMovie.setMask(textMovie);

Step 4: That’s all basically. Now you can set text of the text movie.

The things that I forgot was, 1. Embed fonts, you must embed font to make the dynamic text work with mask. 2. Dynamic mask. If I just make the text layer a mask layer and blending layer the child, it won’t work. It has to be done by actionscript. Hasib reminded me them. We are so happy to have him as our Actionscripter.


Comments on: "Flash dynamic text with reflection and transparency" (2)

  1. Hello there, first thank you for shering. I was looking for a tut on how to make a preloader with percentage (dynamic text) but with a reflection on the numbers. I tried this way, and it didn’t work ,do you by any chance know how to do it? I’m getting really frustrated with this. If you could help me i would be really thankful. Cheers

    • Hi Mak, Sure, I would like to help. If you possible, please send me the files. I’ll review and try to fix it. Flash sometimes get very tricky, so I can’t exactly say what might be the problem without looking into.


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