sharing small pieces of rocks or jewels I find on the way

In our company we use a time log application which is intranet based. I wanted to have it in system tray so that it’s very accessible and easy to use. I thought of making a simple application which will load only a page with simple functionality, just work update sort.

Then from sitepoint I came to know that many other people need same thing and so it has been already developed šŸ˜€ One is Prism – Mozilla Firefox based, one is Bubbles – Internet Application based and obviously AIR. However, Prism doesn’t support minimizing system tray while bubbles is basically system tray based. Also very light weight and very easy to use. So, I have been using that.

But, if you want to provide some sort of exe file as installer for desktop functionality then it seems AIR is the best way. Today I found some interesting links about AIR – 6 Apps in AIR. The best application I liked is Agile Agenda. And for desktop system tray I found this tutorial I was looking for.


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