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Key.isDown unavailable in AS3

Unlike AS2 developers can’t use Key.isDown in AS3. But, while you are making a game like racing or people moving you must work with two/three key press which can’t be achieved without Key.isDown.

I was facing the same problem when one of my dev Zeeshan was working with car racing game. So, went for some Googling and found this Thanks Guru for the beautiful class.


WAMP time zone problem

WAMP doesn’t configure time zone as Apache default installation will do. So, by default it takes GMT 0. If the server is located somewhere else make sure to set the time zone. I used date_default_timezone_set(‘Asia/Dhaka’); to set my timezone because the server was in Dhaka. The list of time zones available here

This caused me quite pain for 2 hrs today and searching with WAMP time zone problem I didn’t find anything so thought people may need 🙂