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It has been long since I have written something. Recently have been going through some interesting experience. Thought why not add this up. At least it would help me to remember šŸ˜›

Today we had a situation that we needed to upload 3 Joomla sites. Now, as you know Joomla has around 1800 files. So, it’s around 5400 files. Yesterday we tried to upload and it didn’t for while day!

So, today thought why not try some zip/unzip. So, I just zipped to tgz and then uploaded (around 7 mins) and unzipped using shell command.

gzip -d ar_ny.tgz
made it ar_ny.tar

tar -xf ar_ny.tar
made it extract to ar_ny. I believe there is more short methods, I’m totally new to shell. But, at least now it does in 10 mins šŸ™‚

Happy shelling everybody!


Comments on: "3 Joomla sites uploaded in 10 mins" (1)

  1. tar -xzvf flash.tgz
    is the direct command, just found

    and for compressing all
    tar -czvf all.tgz *

    Ooh, I’m loving it šŸ˜‰

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