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Firebug 1.0 beta released

I have been using different kind of JavaScript and CSS debugging tool for some months while working in Pageflakes. Have tried many namely DevToolBar, DebugBar, WebDevToolBar, Firebug etc. Yesterday I downloaded Firebug 1.0 beta from This is awesome, you wouldn’t believe what they did. I would ask you to just check it once. Shortcut for debugging, CSS editing, which element is modified by which CSS classes and everything. Just use it once and you will feel you don’t need anything else.


Though DevToolBar is very good, I couldn’t find the keyboard shortcuts for doing everything, which is a bit of pain. The color picking of DebugBar is more comfortable though the default shortcut of DebugBar (Alt + D) is very annoying (you can change it). These are for IE. For resizing to a fixed width Web Developer Toolbar is needed in FF. But, now, debugging is like heaven, be it JavaScript or CSS, using Firebug 1.0. Firebug team, tomader salam.


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  1. Yes boss i m searching to find somthing better again from

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