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Archive for December, 2006

Lightning Fast Browsing Trick – hmm, that is why my IE7 was lot faster than FF2

Today Great Amit bhai from Pageflakes gave a link (Thanks bhaiya). So I went to visit the link and found, in FF the default maximum connection to a server is given as 4 and same in IE. But, for me, I found it is for IE7 set to 10 already. I noticed earlier that IE7 is faster than FF2 and I was little bit worried because I’m used to FF. Now I found the reason. IE7 probably configures it self seeing that the PC has a better connection.


Firebug 1.0 beta released

I have been using different kind of JavaScript and CSS debugging tool for some months while working in Pageflakes. Have tried many namely DevToolBar, DebugBar, WebDevToolBar, Firebug etc. Yesterday I downloaded Firebug 1.0 beta from This is awesome, you wouldn’t believe what they did. I would ask you to just check it once. Shortcut for debugging, CSS editing, which element is modified by which CSS classes and everything. Just use it once and you will feel you don’t need anything else.


Though DevToolBar is very good, I couldn’t find the keyboard shortcuts for doing everything, which is a bit of pain. The color picking of DebugBar is more comfortable though the default shortcut of DebugBar (Alt + D) is very annoying (you can change it). These are for IE. For resizing to a fixed width Web Developer Toolbar is needed in FF. But, now, debugging is like heaven, be it JavaScript or CSS, using Firebug 1.0. Firebug team, tomader salam.

Popup blocked

I was making search while I found that, popup blocker blocked the new window. I used Many body said it is because popup blockers notice, but I thought there is no reason for that, because I have used several times before and never faced this! Then Arafat bhai said me, popup blocker will block if I use onkeydown, if I use onkeypress, it will not block!!! Thanks Arafat bhai

I found there are other interesting solutions though, one is if you create a form with method get and target _blank, later in the JavaScript, set the action to the desired URL. Another way I found others using is, since after clicking a button a is allowed, button clicking is provoked.

But, safest is I think the get form method, since there may be some dumb popup blocker which will disallow all