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Pageflakes again won against Microsoft’s, Google’s IG and Yahoo’s My Yahoo

Again our Pageflakes won over Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.

“I enjoy pageflakes as it is simple, convenient and it has number of applications to choose.”

As you know, this is not the first time, Pageflakes won web 2.0 award (in “Start Pages” category) also over Google and Microsoft. Cheers!


innerHTML and appendChild

Today I noticed an interesting characteristic of appendChild and innerHTML. InnerHTML removes the functions of the element created by javascript. See the code below

var chk = document.createElement(‘input’);

chk.type = “checkbox”;

chk.onclick = function()


                    _categorySelectionChanged = true;



chk.value = CATEGORY_NAMES[i];




I need to add a name after the check box. So, I did this

cTd.innerHTML = cTd.innerHTML + “ ” + CATEGORY_NAMES[i];

It was working perfect, except the function, onclick was not firing. Everything else was just perfect. Now, when I replaced innerHTML with this

var cName = $$(“div”);

cName.innerHTML = “ ” + CATEGORY_NAMES[i];


The function was working perfect!!! Both in IE and FF!

Hello world!

Hellooooooo World!

Finally I started bloging. Good for me, bad for you 🙂 (since you are reading this)

I saw many great people blogging. I thought, I can blog also, but I had very little to tell to start blogging. Then I started working in I found, I started discovering new things and I thought I should share with people. So, here I’m. Already bored? Okay, that’s me 🙂

Thanks to Misho and Hasin bhai, for inspiring me for blogging.