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PMO – an important concept for growing companies

While studying PMP, I came across the concept of PMO which felt a very interesting concept for organizing the projects in a company. Some very good reading materials are freely available in this link which is important for entrepreneurs I think.

Workcation – Naville

This is one of the best blog post I read over a long time, made my day kind of. I was very much down and it lit me up a lot. Worth reading -

It’s one of the most beautiful question/answer I have seen in Quora. I really enjoyed. All stories resonates with me. It feels like at home, somebody to share … if you are a CEO yourself, try it, just try it

Training on Export Marketing Plan

I attended a training by CBI where they taught us on Export Marketing Plan. However, it was more like Strategic Planning. Here is a picture with the trainer Fred and Peter, in the middle Mohiuddin (our business partner) and me.

Workcation concept

I really like these two guys from their online presence – Neville and Noah. They recently visited Thailand with a concept called Workcation and posted a nice article. I want to read the article in future, so storing it here ;)

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, let me ask you one simple question – do not delude yourself, but can you compete against someone like me?

Read Quote of Ching Ho’s answer to Money: How did you make your first million dollars? on Quora

I recently came across this Quora post by Ching Ho. Now a days, many people want to start a business and this is one of the nicest advice I have come across.

Over the years of reading in entrepreneurship and being a small entrepreneur myself, I have come to realize something which very much aligns with Ching Ho’s post. I am no super star champion like him, but while walking down that road I faced those issues to some extent. So, wanted to share with everybody (and keep for myself as well for guidance for me :))

Originally posted on HBR Blog Network - Harvard Business Review:

If you’re leading a startup business with potential for high growth, one of the most valuable things you should do early on is to set up an advisory board. Scaling an enterprise is hard work, and you only stand to benefit from drawing on perspectives, experience, and networks that augment your own. A group of advisors committed to your success not only provides a sounding board to test and strengthen your ideas, it gives you access to important competencies and resources.

But many entrepreneurs, especially those in the early stages, find the task of building an advisory board daunting. Whose strengths would complement their own and counter their weaknesses? Who might bring an insight to the table that would otherwise be missed? It can feel like an exercise in knowing what you don’t know. Moreover, most people who have not formalized such a board before haven’t given much thought to…

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